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"Welcome to Boarding at Reddam House, a home from home for our students. Our Boarding community operate as an extended family, older students are expected to set a very good example in the house and we (the House Parents), House Tutors and Matron know students well and provide the support, guidance and encouragement that they need from time to time. Our students in the house meet regularly as members of a number of councils, and are encouraged to feedback to us any issues, concerns or positive feedback that they might have about boarding and the school in more general terms."

- Steve & Angie Paxton

In the evenings four members of duty staff supervise a two-hour prep session. Teachers provide specialist support both on a general level and in tutorials, which can be timetabled for particular evenings. Prep is a vibrant time when students are encouraged to become independent learners but supported at all times. Once the timetabled homework is done, students are helped to complete independent study. This is a powerful model, which sees students making huge gains in their learning over their peers. Many of our day students join for supper and study, taking full advantage of the subject tutoring system to support their study.

After the prep finishes, resident staff offer sports and other recreational activities until bedtime. The House Parents also run a bus to the local supermarket for essential shopping.

Weekends are full; sports and activities on Saturday morning, shopping trips in the afternoon on Saturday and then a variety of evening activities. Sunday, after brunch, always includes an extended trip to a place of interest for all those in the house.

We offer boarding in all formats: flexible boarding (ad-hoc or regular part-time options), weekly boarding and full boarding. A range of extended day provisions including breakfast, supper, plus our popular study and supper complement these boarding options.

We warmly welcome our Year Five and Six students to join us for our family friendly flexible boarding and extended day options.


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