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06 September 2017

Six months ago the children watched builders, tractors and diggers work ten hours a day on a part of the building that had been vacant and unused for so long. ”What are they doing Miss Petra? “ some would ask as they saw workmen coming and going with various tools and materials. "They are making a new room for the children" I responded. ”What room Miss Petra?” came the reply.  “A room where the children are going to love learning.” I said.  “Wow that is exciting!”

Week after week parents would have a peek through the windows whilst staff were curious to see what the end result would be. Finally, on Wednesday this week, the day arrived! We proudly opened the new stage 3 wing. This was such a special day for all of us in the ELS. It was wonderful to see the reactions on the children’s faces. The children displayed such pride, ownership and a feeling of belonging. It was so overwhelming. “ This is my sons new house, it is so welcoming and warm” a parent commented. “Well done to you and your team. The new wing is truly amazing!" 

 "You have all been an inspiration to the start of the new academic year. A person can only aspire to the dedication of all those involved. We love the manner that the need of each individual child has been taken into consideration and how this has been incorporated into the daily routine. The love, care and belief in the growth and development of each and every child are beyond the expectation. Thank you for ensuring the optimum development of each and every child in your care.

Our son loves his time in his new space.”  

The team and myself are delighted to be part of this momentous occasion. We are positive that the energy, enthusiasm and excellence displayed will continue each day, making our school a thriving, learning community in which every individual will reach their full potential. We are confident that our children will receive an outstanding education through a curriculum that is innovative, creative and stimulating.

An exciting journey awaits us all!

I have an incredibly hard working and dedicated team whose main aim is to ensure that above all, each and every child is a happy, motivated and enthusiastic learner who embraces learning and relishes challenge. Our staff are fully committed and continually strive to provide the very best learning opportunities and experiences so that the children can reach their full potential and become confident young learners. 

A big thank you to our project manager Ian Howard who made sure the dead lines were met and to all the maintenance staff.

Petra Wright

Teacher and Head of ELS (Infant and toddlers)

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