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09 February 2017

On Thursday 9 February, we were extremely lucky to have Alan Gibbons visiting and running writing workshops with our Yr 7 - 9 students, and we were so impressed with the results - some very talented and gripping story openings, wow!

Yr 9 were transported to the dark & disturbing world of gothic literature, & Reddam House went back in time as the setting for our disturbing tales. Some fantastic writing & great creativity from our students. One story began: For three long centuries, Reddam House had nestled in the rolling, rustic Berkshire countryside. The facade was like a fantasy palace of towers, turrets and crevices... 

Next it was Year 7 who were busily writing. This time the focus was 'adventure' and the title of our story was 'Vertigo' as we found ourselves terrified at the top of a skyscraper, peering down at a scene of chaos and unease. Leaping straight into the heart of the action, Alan's opening began: Jess was terrified, fear clawing at her flesh with steel talons. Her raven hair fluttered around her face as the wind swept the roof of the great skyscraper. She peered down at the scene below, steel and glass stalagmites reaching skyward, roads like glittering snakes. But...

And with this, the Year 7s were off on their own highly creative and atmospheric adventures!

Then, with Year 8, the theme of adventure continued, but this time the disaster was a flood. Again, great attention to detail as the scene was described and the tension of the moment and depiction of character and situation developed.

It was lovely to see the focus of our students, and the quality of the writing produced was incredible. Some very talented writers! 

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