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15 September 2017

The day had finally arrived for Reddam House Year 7 students September 2017 to set out on their first journey of self-discovery, where they would endeavour to work as a team, persevere until their last ounce of energy had escaped them and become illustrious in all the challenges set. Most importantly though, the main goal was to have fun!

The first few challenges were to transport all the camping equipment, the huge backpacks (HUGE was exactly what they were) and not leave any students at school! Major Hart and Mrs Balfour ferried all the students in the school minibus to a wonderful afternoon of climbing, low rope traverse, raft building and canoeing. We were fortunate that the weather gods were very kind to us.

As it was getting dark, the students were ravenous, they had expelled so much energy and needed to refuel. Mark and Amy from our fantastic catering team were ready to serve a hot meal of salad, jacket potato, sausages, burgers in a bap, coleslaw and beans. For dessert, carrot cake or sticky toffee cake. If there was room for seconds, there was plenty left for them to enjoy and THEY MOST CERTAINLY DID!

Major Hart and Major Owen were ready to instruct the students to work as a team to build their tents and keep the equipment safe. Working as a team was vital, the light was quickly fading and not all tents were up and ready for moving in. After some quick work from Major Owen and Major Hart, everyone was in their space and it was time for HOT CHOCOLATE AND MARSHMALLOW. Yes, seconds were available and again devoured! Then it was a quick brush of the teeth and lights out…..I think a few students thought wake up was at 5am Mrs Phillips and Mrs Johnston ……?

A very big THANK YOU must go to Mrs Phillips, Mrs Johnston, Major Hart, Major Owen, Mrs Horwood, Mr Day, Mark, Amy and the Dinton staff for a wonderful experience. We are looking forward to continuing our amazing and energetic start to the academic year.

Mrs Balfour, Head of Year 7


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