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"Welcome to Reddam House Berkshire, we are delighted to introduce you to the flagship UK school of the successful Reddam House International group. Set in 125 acres of wood and parkland, housed in a magnificent mansion building we offer an unparalleled opportunity for your child to experience a fresh approach to education.

Throughout the school our emphasis is on independence; we expect our students to work hard in the belief that success is in his or her own hands. From babies in our Early Learning School through to our Sixth Formers moving on to University, students are active participants in setting the direction of their educational journey, developing a love of learning and being empowered with the self-discipline that provides the bedrock for success."

Tammy Howard

Academic success is just one area our students thrive, we offer your child abundant opportunities to take part in a wide range of academic and co-curricular activities and rather than trying to 'find' their talents and interests, our students are encouraged to 'create' themselves and develop new competencies preparing for a world that requires courage, resilience and flexibility.

But most of all, your child’s time at school should be happy. We believe that our vibrant learning environment comes from complementing the academic and co-curricular strengths with the three ‘Rs’ of pastoral care: relationships, respect and responsibility. We are proud to be a school where each student is valued as a unique individual and receive carefully considered nurture, support and advice at each stage of their school career.

Whatever the age of your child, choosing a school is an important decision and requires time, thought and consideration of the ‘feel’ of a school. The static pages of a website can only give a glimpse of our thriving community but are no substitute for a seeing it in action yourself so please do come and meet us, we love welcoming visitors to the school.


“If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea"

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery






“Pupils show excellent personal development. As they progress through the school they build in confidence, develop independence and have a mature attitude to responsibility” - ISI Inspection Report, 2016

Reddam House offers a whole-person education from the ages of 3 months to 19 years of age, with each year group the focus of attention for the teachers who work with them. Our structure of Early Learning-School, Junior School, Middle School and Senior School means that every year group works with professionals who specialise and enjoy working with the pupils in their care.

For the students, the seamless transfer from school to school, means that we don’t see the anxiety, decline in results and period of settling that is often experienced when a child has a large change. Many of our pupils could conduct guided tours of their new school on Day 1; they already know where things are.

Many of our staff teach across the schools of Reddam House Berkshire. This provides a great advantage when the child transitions from Junior to Middle, or Middle to Senior School, as many of the teaching team have taught in their previous school.

No matter the stage of your child's education at which you choose to join us, our focus is on developing a love of learning from Day 1.


“The pupils’ positive attitudes to learning make a significant contribution to their progress. They exhibit excellent behaviour, have a strong work ethic, enjoy being actively engaged in the learning process and take pride in their work” - ISI Inspection Report, 2016

Co-education is a cornerstone of Reddam House. We believe our role is to equip students for the outside world; a world that is jam-packed with opportunities, whichever your gender. Through the precious school-years, we encourage team-work, independent thinking and individuality, so that our pupils learn to understand, respect and cooperate with each other. Our experience shows that this helps to develop friendships and effective working relationships which last long beyond their time with us at Reddam House Berkshire.

Our teaching staff hold the principles of equality and aspiration as central to our educational philosophy. Our CHEX, Challenge and extension for all, programme ensures that every pupil and teacher is aware of the very next step the individual needs to take to improve. Growth mindset, which is widely adopted across all our schools, values effort and learning through reflection. We believe that potential should not be limited; hard work and learning from mistakes are much more important than a child’s innate ability.


‘Excellent’ ISI Inspection Report, 2016

Families lead busy lives these days and at Reddam House Berkshire we offer a variety of options to ease the pressure on working parents and provide a safe, welcoming home from home for our students alongside our weekly and termly boarding options.

Whether one or two days of regular overnight stays, ad hoc bookings, exam prep weeks or our popular Supper and Study extended day option, your child can spend time in our family orientated boarding community giving you peace of mind and your child, a wonderful experience. You will find more details on our Boarding pages and have an opportunity to learn more about our boarding house.


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