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A sound of scratching from the bushes (could it be a squirrel?) and tiny motes of dust floating in the shaft of sunlight hitting the ground through the canopy of leaves. A child exclaims in delight as the tower of twigs she has been carefully creating stands tall and unsupported and cheers erupt as the children one by one cross the fallen tree, balancing carefully, arms outstretched. In the 125 acre Reddam House Berkshire site, your child can experience an outdoor environment that is second to none.

We believe, reflecting the Reggio Emilia philosophy, that the environment is the third teacher. Children learn a great deal from spending time in the outdoors, and the well-documented benefits are numerous. Being outdoors is good for children’s wellbeing and is shown to increase attainment in all areas. Children can be physically active and exuberant, with opportunities to do things on a different scale than indoors, children who play outdoors regularly enjoy health benefits as well.




Our Early Learning School benefits from a bespoke outdoor learning area specifically designed for problem solving, risk taking and collaborative, open-ended play. Even the water feature is a delight as children work together to pump water and enjoy using the dams and channels to create endless possibilities for pools and rapids.

From our Stage 1 children’s daily walks through to the Forest Fun afternoon for Stage 4, our children have regular opportunities to interact with the outdoors. Understanding the changing of the seasons, practicing gross motor skills on uneven surfaces, experiencing textures, smells and sounds of the woods all bring a different dimension to learning.

Planning for the outdoors includes many different areas of learning. It may be construction using log pieces, numeracy making calculations with twigs and cones, small world, building little shelters for play people or art using natural resources to create collage. The opportunities are endless!


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