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Welcome to the Senior School, where critical decisions are made about your child’s future. A broad curriculum provides the platform for GCSE choices and students are allowed to explore these subjects in the depth that secures excellent grades. However, an outstanding school experience is about so much more than exams and our students access an impressive range of extracurricular opportunities to ensure that learning is extended beyond the classroom. Reddam House benefits from both impressive facilities and committed staff who know the pupils well; the latter is a key to our success.




It is obvious from the moment you arrive that Reddam House is a warm and engaging environment in which to both grow up and thrive academically. Few schools have the luxury of the physical space, ambition and support that our pupils benefit from.

Our school's staff value the privilege of educating children and provide a broad and challenging curriculum. A range of after school activities and clubs extend timetabled subjects and games, with every kind of interest and activity. An outstanding sports and performing arts programme encourages every level of ability and develops self confidence.

We look forward to welcoming you so you can see for yourselves what we offer.

Mike Milner

Innovative Learning

Spreading your wings

Student Support

Innovative Learning

Reddam House offers a fresh and contemporary approach to education by re-evaluating traditional teaching methods and curriculums, and creating a more dynamic, relevant and powerful model reflecting current attitudes.

You will experience a curriculum that is both dynamic and flexible; providing a rigorous academic, creative and sporting education which aims to challenge and engage, offering a secure foundation on which to continue into Higher Education and onto your chosen career path.

Spreading your wings

Gaining a place at University is more than just getting the grades to meet your course requirements; a wide range of pursuits such as LAMDA qualifications, ranks within CCF and Duke of Edinburgh Awards can all lift an UCAS Personal Statement to the top of the pile. Your tutor will give you dedicated support for both building your Curriculum Vitae during the Senior school years and also in pulling it together in a strong Personal Statement.

Academic support and encouragement at every stage will ensure that you perform to your strengths and achieve the best results possible to meet your aspirations.

Student Support

The relationship between student and tutor develops during these vital examination years towards a strong coaching relationship built on mutual respect. Your tutor will be the first port of call for guidance and support in all areas of the curriculum and in the wider life of the school.

Our Aspire to Be (A2B) programme will help you develop life long skills in developing and maintaining relationships, leadership skills, oratory and presentation competencies and preparation for financial independence.


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