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Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and Saturday morning fixtures offer an opportunity to take part in competitive leagues and matches against local schools. The collaborative element of team games is highly valued and students are encouraged to participate in House sporting events too. A variety of team and individual sports are offered such as football, rugby, hockey, netball, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, athletics, circuits and fitness training and pilates. In addition, work on nutrition, lifestyle and exercise physiology takes place in the A2B (Aspire to Be) Programme.

One of our unique offerings is the provision of TeamGym. Set to music, TeamGym is a team competition that includes routines being performed on three pieces of apparatus: floor, trampette and a tumbling track. TeamGym routines require effective teamwork, excellent technique and spectacular acrobatic elements. They are also incredibly exciting to watch!




Our top class Gymnastics studio is utilised both as part of the lesson programme and also after the core school day. Interested students are invited to join both mixed ability sessions and also the Reddam House Team Gym Development Squad all provided by our top UK Gymnastics coach.

Many students choose GCSE Physical Education as an option. Theory work involving fascinating subjects such as how female athletes are portrayed in the media are studied and evaluated are studied. Students also learn about training and are given the opportunity to experience a wide variety of methods that they can then implement into their own programmes to improve their performance in their chosen sports.

At A level and BTEC the level of study is once again elevated to enable students to gain a deep understanding of theories unpinning elite sports performance, delivered through a range of theory, practical and field trips to ensure pupils have the very best chance of examination success.



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