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Safe Drive Stay Alive

12 November 2019

On Thursday, the Sixth Form attended the ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive performance at the Swan theatre in High Wycombe. This was a really informative, but hard-hitting presentation of the dangers that young people face when driving on the roads, in order to try to influence their behaviour and attitude both as a driver and passenger. Safe Drive Stay Alive is produced by a road safety partnership including Thames Valley and Hampshire Police, local councils and emergency services. Each partner has been working for years to reduce the number of people dying on the roads. During the presentation, students heard from representatives from the police, fire service, paramedics who are first on the scene, and from those working in hospitals treating casualties and all discussed real-life accidents involving young people who had lost their lives. As well as this, there were poignant speeches from a mother who had lost a son and a lady who had been severely disabled in a road accident, due to careless driving. This was a fantastically emotive way to make our young drivers think carefully when they take to the roads themselves. 


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