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15 October 2019

Our Year 13 have recently been very busy sending their UCAS applications for University admissions and have been taking external tests such as SATs for international universities. Reddam House is committed to providing the best quality of education whilst preparing students for the future. We value the importance of higher education and hence we encourage our students to pursue a University degree in the subject that they feel stronger and more passionate about. In the last three years, our most popular university choices where UCL, University of Loughborough, Royal Holloway and many Russell Group Universities such as the University of Warwick, University of Birmingham and the University of Southampton. In 2018 we had our first student being accepted at Cambridge for Natural Sciences and in 2019 we had our first student being offered a place for Medicine at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School. Following these successes, we currently have the highest number of applicants to Oxbridge Universities and to Medicine faculties since our opening in 2015. Applications for overseas Universities are also increasing, as a result of the international outlook Reddam House has. For our Year 12 who still have a year to decide for their future, we have planned a trip in February to the yearly UCAS University fair at the University of Surrey. We wish all of our Sixth Formers a very good luck for this year!



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