Reddam House Berkshire

I am writing to confirm to parents that Reddam House Berkshire will be closed to students, parents and visitors at 4 pm on Friday 20 March.

We have taken this decision to move to a virtual environment due to several factors. These include concerns for safety and the well-being of the members of our community, including students, families and staff. The decision for this action is based on the expertise of Inspired, who are leading the way in virtual learning environments at this time.

Our priority is to maintain the continuity of education and support for all our students. We have worked quickly to put in place an interactive virtual curriculum, with interactive teaching support for all students, that mirrors the usual curriculum and school day; this will remain in place during the entirety of the school’s closure during normal school hours Monday to Friday. Our priority remains to continue to support the children with exceptional learning; we can reassure parents that the experience across our Inspired Group of schools enables us to move flexibly between the regular and virtual schools without interruption.

We are grateful for the professionalism and flexibility demonstrated by our teaching staff and look forward to working together with you to continue to support your child’s studies.

Many thanks for your support for our virtual school, as you will appreciate, we have worked quickly to put online arrangements in place and ask for your patience and support if any teething problems occur - we will all be learning to work in a new, but exciting, way.

Thank you for all your support.

Warmest regards,

Tammy Howard

Timetable and Curriculum

The attached Virtual Learning Guide gives clear guidelines and a timetable of support for the Inspired approach to ensuring continuity of education. This includes how the interactive virtual learning will be delivered and details of the platforms you and your child can access this learning from. We have already been trialing this delivery of virtual learning with our smallest children in ELS through to our A-Level candidates – to great effect with all!

It is essential that all students, especially those in examination classes, engage fully with the learning experiences provided by their teachers. It is recommended that students be in a quiet space at home with their devices connected to the correct platforms from 8:50 – 16:00 (albeit taking the usual breaks of course). Please do read the attached guidance for lots of advice and guidelines for our Virtual school and to see the specific instruction for your child’s group. We will also be sharing this with our students (Y3 and above) to ensure they are also involved in independently accessing these lessons.

Examination Classes

We are monitoring closely the advice and planning for our external examinations and will send you details of our additional plans to support these vital year groups once we have more clarity on any variation to expectations or timings of GCSE and A-Level exams.

It is understandable that this is a very anxious time for students and parents in these year groups, please do be aware that we will do whatever is required to ensure the very best possible preparation for students whether in the virtual or the live world. Mrs Dix and Mrs Towse will be reaching out to Y11 and 13 regularly to discuss any concerns they may have.

Device needs

We do recommend you consider how your children will access the virtual learning environment. Any device with a camera that supports email - smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs – should be suitable for both Bluejeans and Teams. Home printing facilities may be helpful but where possible we will aim to have materials that can be completed online or on plain paper.

Working environment

Students will need a quiet working space at home. Remote learning presents challenges as well as exciting digital opportunities. However, we do believe that the personal responsibility required, carefully supported and managed depending on age, will be a benefit to all students in their future learning. Some further guidance on the home working environment, including advice about screen time and keeping healthy, is included at the end of the attached Virtual Learning Guide.

Contacting the School

Your class teachers are available online to take any specific questions and the best point of contact during the closure and the Head of your child’s school are available for any additional information if the class teacher cannot help.

Should you need to contact the school, please use the main school number 0118 9748300 and choose the option for Juniors if you would like to speak to the Junior team or ELS if you would like to speak to the ELS.

The Heads of Each school and I will all be contactable by email and will be happy to have a phone call or video conference with you if necessary.

Tammy Howard, Principal:

Mike Milner, Head of Seniors:

Natalie Holsgrove-Jones, Head of Middle:

Cassie Morris, Head of Juniors:

Georgina Tait, Head of ELS:

Many thanks for your support for our virtual school, as you will appreciate, we have worked quickly to put online arrangements in place and ask for your patience and support if any teething problems occur - we will all be learning to work in a new, but exciting, way.

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